Little Eagles Overview

“Sport is something that is very inspirational for young people.” -Pele

  • Basic fundamentals of soccer
  • Coordination
  • Skills
  • Scrimmage games
  • Social interaction with peers
  • Exploring the love for the game​

U8 - U14 Overview & Schedules

  • Develop motor and coordination skills
  • Core skills and fundamentals of soccer
  • Technical and training drills
  • Scrimmage games
  • Speed, strength, and conditioning training
  • Build confidence and a love for the game

Players are taught more detailed techniques and soccer situations as they continue to progress in their age group.

“I learned all about life with a ball at my hand.”-Ronaldinho

High School Program Overview

AAC Eagles program for high school players is designed to provide each player a chance to achieve success, and to continue to work on individual skills/technique.

We currently offer a Spring season for high school boys. The players practice up to 3 times a week in Bensenville, have games during the week and weekends, and participate in tournaments.

We want to provide our high school players with opportunities to attend college showcase tournaments and help them take the next steps in their soccer career.


Goalkeeper Overview

  • Fundamentals of goalkeeping
  • Catching
  • Diving
  • Throwing and kicking
  • Crosses
  • 1v1’s
  • Commanding the 6 yard box
  • Technical and tactical training
  • Confidence building
  • Decision making
  • Communication to teammates

“Most kids dream of scoring the perfect goal. I’ve always dreamed of stopping it.” -Iker Casillas